Footballer Caught Using Razor Blade to Att*ck Opponent on Field During Match

A footballer has been caught using a sharp object to attack opposition players in a Turkish third tier league match.

It was reported by Turkish media that Amed SK midfielder Mansur Calar carried a razor blade onto the pitch before cutting two different Sakaryaspor players in the match at the Diyarbak?r Stadium.

Football player is caught using a razor blade to attack opponents on the field as his victims show off scars on social media (Photos/Video)

Footage posted to Twitter, shows the 33-year-old apparently taking a swipe at rival player Ferhat Yazgan before the match kicked off and then going for his throat later on in the game.

After the match, Yazgan took to social media to show off the injuries he sustained in the match. ‘These football players who put [sic] the field, TFF, I hope you’ll see them,’ he wrote.

Yazgan’s team-mate, Haci Dogru, also showed off a cut on his right cheek on social media after the game.


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