True Life Story

My Mom Advised Me To Stay Away From My Step Brother, I Didn’t Listen To Her Until He Ra*ped Me- Lady Cries.

Growing up into a broken family made me believe Mom wasn’t a good wife and mom to my dad.

I never believed she did anything to save her marriage with dad, so I hated her for it.

I was barely 7 years old when I got separated from dad, according to what the court finalized.

Evidence was provided on the count of mom’s emotional trauma suffered from dad, so the solution the court resorted to, was a divorce.

It wasn’t easy following mom, because she always reprimanded me for everything I did.

According to her, I was us*less like my dad, and brought her nothing but pain. This made me seek comfort from my dad’s family when he remarried his lover who already had two children for him.

Dad never insulted or treated me any less from the rest of his children, so I felt peaceful with my step family.

But, Mom wasn’t happy about my relationship with my step brother. She always warned me about him, but I felt it was her h*ate that took the better part of her.

I kept relating with my step family, until one night dad wasn’t home.

My Step brother forced himself on me and se *xually abused me.

I told my step mother but she promised to kill me if I dare tell anyone.

(Picture not same as story sharer).


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