Knowefritin True Life Story

All I wanted was a handsome husband, now I’m pregnant for a man who beats me up, Lady shares her pain

It was never my intention to live a reckless life. Even despite being raised by a mom who loved and protected me from the eyes of evil men, I couldn’t stop myself from falling for this guy, Sunday.

I know it doesn’t make any sense to cohabit with him for ten years, but sadly, I felt my actions were right

I incurred several beatings, and violence from Sunday, but what more could I do, when he had already taken a decade of my life. Who else would fall for a lady like me, whom everyone knew Sunday had plenty s*x with.

But sadly, mom never knew about this. She always saw me as a decent girl she raised, pure, and unadulterated. She always pride in her ability to singlehandedly raise me, given to the fact we lost dad at an early age.

According to mom, I was living in a hostel, pursuing an education course in FCE(Federal College of Education)

I always told her that I had a shop I was managing, few miles away from our family house. Unbeknownst to her, I’ve been living with Sunday

Recently we got married, which gave me the peace I seek, because I couldn’t deny the fact that I loved handsome men, which was a major reason I pined Sunday down and tolerated his excesses.

Yesterday, I heard moan sounds coming from our bedroom while washing in our compound. I felt it was probably from a neighbor, so I ignored

After I finished drying my clothes, I went to the room only to see Sunday having s*x with multiple ladies on our marriage bed.

They didn’t even feel shy to see me, but continued their dirty acts, till morning. I had to pack my things and leave

I just found out this morning, that I’m pregnant for him


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