Cult War in Oworoshoki Lagos as Residents Flee their Homes

Its quite pathetic as the residents of Oworoshoki area in Lagos, are lamenting over the havoc meted on them this period following the incessant cult war in the area.

It was gathered that the hoodlums shatter vehicles windscreens, use matchet on residents and loot many shops leaving many injured and killing some.

Residents confirmed that they heard shouts of “Kill them all, kill anyone you see” and sporadic gunshots which woke them from sleep and forcing them to flee their homes.

It was gathered that Ayo Odugbesan, Church, Oke Eri, Odo Eran and Aralamo streets, among others, were affected in the sporadic attacks.

Moreover, the cause of the Mayhem as been traced to several Cult groups springing up and clashing over menial issues of betrayal, death of member or interpolation.

The Lagos state command have instructed that armed police men station in the area and raid regularly as dim fit also parade the area at intervals to arrest any suspect and deal with them appropriately.


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