Confusion as Bullion Van with $1.3M Reported Missen

The driver of an armoured bullion van in paris disappeared along with an estimated one million dollars, police sources said.

“When we went out, the van and the driver were gone,” one of the sources also said.

The 28-year-old man had stopped in front of a Western Union office, outside Paris, at around 6:00 am (0500 GMT) in Aubervilliers, a suburb just north of the capital, and stayed behind the wheel as two of his colleagues went inside, police told AFP. His colleagues were still inside trying to sort out one or two things unknowing to them that something else was wrong. On getting out to meet the driver, they didn’t find both the driver and the bullion van containing about $1.3M.

This is such a whooping sum and so the search is on thoroughly to recover the lost money and arrests the run away driver.


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