Nigerians Blast Buhari and APC for Giant Broom erected at Abuja – See Comments

Nigerians on twitter and every other social media are appalled and surprised by president Buhari and APC’s decision to erect a giant broom in the state capital.
The giant broom could well pass as the largest or tallest broom in the world but whats worse is it’s next to a national monument.
See Comments:
President @MBuhari greatest achievement for the past 3years is erecting a giant broom in Abuja

GMB is a wicked soul that values cows and brooms over its people

We will maim n disgrace him in the same manner he disgraced us by calling us LAZY YOUTHS by sending him back to Daura

This is the giant broom that we are going to use to back to his retirement home Daura to keep rearing his homosexual cows.
I am really appalled by this giant broom erected at the City gate.

First off, the broom is not our national symbol.

Secondly, we don’t operate a one party system in Nigeria.

Why then should we have the symbol of a political party at the entrance of the City?

This govt sha!

N230million giant APC Broom mounted near the Abuja gate ahead of elections. What happens to it after Buhari loses next week?

Pls what will be the fate of this giant broom if Buhari losses election 🤔
France has the Eifel tower.

U.s, the statue of liberty.

India, Taj Mahal.

My country Nigeria has… A. GIANT. BROOM.

So there’s a giant broom right before the City Gate in Abuja, representing the APC LOGO 😩😩😩😩
Who ever give the directive to install a giant broom close to a national monument is demented and out of their mind.
The @OfficialAPCNg has mounted a giant broom outside the Abuja City Gate. The purpose of such a big broom is to sweep out a big man from @AsoRock.

RETWEET this to thank the APC for giving Nigerians the broom they will use to on February 16, 2019.


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