The noise is everywhere. Ladies now walk around with fear, but not her. Anytime they arrive with another latest news, she is usually quiet, as though she is not affected by the whole noise. Sometimes she tries to talk to some of her friends around her, but the noise they make give her no chance of communicating her own perspective about the matter.
Everyone in her house have been discussing the subject over and over again, and they are even thinking of how to get a machine that would be able to dry their undies without them spreading the stuffs anywhere another eyes could see. She spreads her undies at the usual place without any fear, and walks around the street without ever getting worried about how to escape from the “pants snatchers”.
She is too nonchalant when it comes to responding to trends. She is of the opinion that, being worried about the stuff is adding no value to her, and so, she pushes aside the fearful thoughts; walking so majestically like the daughter of The Owner of the land. But then, where has she got her confidence from? Why would she not be afraid like others are.
At some points, the news began to spread wider. Guys were allegedly reported to be breaking in to hostel rooms of students that were home for the compulsory holidays in search for the logo of a car brand. Yet, as soon as the news get to her, she would respond as though she was not a lady, and just wave it off her mind; changing the subject of discussion.
Meanwhile, she is the voice that sings in the early hours of the morning, when others are sound asleep. She is the one that others wake up to see studying “The Living Book” and laughing ecstatically in the Holy Ghost. She shakes the foundation of her house whenever she prays, that other ladies envy her for being committed to God. The truth is, most of these ladies that are protecting their undies are into relationships with the guys that need their underpants. She had been convinced over and over again to say YES to suitors who will spoil her with money, yet, she had refused to be spoiled. Many at times had she been referred to as proud, just because of her straight NO, whenever guys come to her to know if she would love to travel on the journey of love with them.
To the lover of trends, she is not very friendly at all, hence, those who want to be sincere with themselves can boldly testify of her kindness, friendliness, and display of virtues. The only accusation they usually hold against her, is that she had decided to remain on the boring side of life; where there are restrictions to what a person can do with her life. The kind of males that you see her relate with, are those other type of guys that have refused to respond to winks and openings; those ones that cannot touch her and spoil her with cash.
And just like they had always told her, the day finally came. She was returning from one of her friend’s birthday party, with lots of cakes wrapped in her bag for those she promised back home. Of course, they didn’t need to follow her to the party; for they had concluded that such a party would be too dry, and to them, “life would be missing”. Walking home tired on her lonely street, two guys appeared before her from different directions. She startled, and got a bit confused. Before she could think of the question to
ask, one of them had already pulled out a gun, and was now pointing it towards her. “What do you want from me?” She asked without too much of confidence. The other young man brought out a parcel, and opened it to show her. “Take off your pants now, and have this money; lest we shoot this gun and waste you.”
At that time, she found herself in the reality of all the gist that she ignored and never paid attention to. “Come on, remove the stuff and let us leave as soon as we can; you are wasting our precious time!” Still standing like a statue, she tried to silence her fears and began to mumble words that even her chin could not hear her speak. “Haha! Do you want us to waste you? We will just waste you, and still use your pants. Don’t let us waste you, just give us the stuff in peace, take the money, and both parties just depart in peace”. And that was how she gave a response that shocked the whole world.
“You can’t waste me, for I am already a waste. Tell me, how can you kill with a gun, a lady that was nailed on the cross? My pants are useless; I have already been used.”
Like morons, the two guys looked at themselves, and the one pointing the gun dropped his hand dead. “How can you be already used and you are still standing to tell us?”
Now with much more confidence, she moved closer as they moved backwards. “You see, I am a Living Sacrifice, Holy and Acceptable unto God. I have given my life to Jesus Christ as My Lord and Saviour, and I have offered my body unto Him as a Living Sacrifice”.
The two guys could not believe their ears. They have never heard that before from any lady. No lady had ever resisted them with such level of audacity. They looked at her again, and could no longer stay. One of them gave her a parting shot; “I wish I had known this as a church boy. I wish my younger sister could respond this way last month; she would just had escaped death. We have approached many ladies, uncountable, with their Bible in their hand, they gave us what we requested for without wasting our time. You spoke to us today as though the whole Bible dwells inside you. Indeed we can’t use you, for it is obvious that you had already been used”.
What?! Enough! Let’s teach our ladies Faith and not fear. Let’s teach them good character, that they will stop falling into the hands of those that want to use them. Let’s teach them contentment, so that they will not be carried away by money and possessions of men.
A Living Sacrifice cannot be used for any other sacrifice.
…Abiodun Emmanuel Oyedele
(c) January, 2019.


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