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Friday, March 12th, 1994 was the day I first saw her in front of Principal’s Office and it feels like it was just yesterday. My friends and I been the Senior Prefect and the Assistant are keeping the late comers at bay to pick up the litters.  I stand behind the block of J.S.S. 3A looking at the wonderful woman, she is cute, cool, charming, captivating and cinderelling classic in her late 20s. Who is she? I tapped the Senior Prefect in amazed mood. The new English Language teacher he replied. I smiled as if have just won a lottery.

On that same day, I could not think or reason in any dimension other than the stunning angel have sighted. Sometimes I smiles for no reason, other times I put on imaginary actions and unexplainable circumstances. On the same day I got home, its a total different day my parent, brother and sister had noticed the sudden change of mood; all house chores were thoroughly done without being lazy like before. On Monday morning, she step into our class like a morning sunshine greeted us and ask each one of us to introduce ourselves by our name. At my turn, I smiled consecutively to pronounce my name, she was wondering why the smiled but later on pay no attention little did she know its more than just a smile.

The Suspicious activities started four months after, whenever she saw me or our eyes gazed I always put on the lovely smile. She make an enquiry from the Class-Captain about my attitude. Our class captain told me she asked him, ls that how you always smiled? and I told her No, that he does not know why’ he said. I continued with my smiling face until she approached me and queried reasons behind my smiling attitude. I said nothing. But I was certain that she knew I was not saying the truth, whenever im in class and I smiled at the gazed of our eyes, she smiled back.

My adventure of smiling began to take a new turn, I never tried to conceal my affection as well as to hide my intuitive reasons of my smile and yet how can I expressed myself of the way I feel. My smiling charm had worked to the peak that whenever she came into our class, she always wanted to see my face and when I smiled she also smile back. This have caused lot of confusion among my colleagues they are wondering what could have happened between us two. However, this continued on and on with no one to give accurate reasons of either my smiles or hers.

After I graduated from the High School and we do not see for a longer time. March 12th 2010 [Friday] in Abuja, I met her at one of my friends birthday I was looking at her from the distance she hadn’t noticed me at where I was standing. I approached her with a simple hello and I smiled at the instance, she looked for some minutes trying to reconnect with my facial appearance as soon as she got to know. She gave me a big hug, smiled and happy; with several hours of discussion; she finally asked why the smiles back then. I replied with a big courage as a man I fell in love with you on that very day. She busted into a big laugh and said awww now i am married, but with a courage and truthful mind of my words. I receive a romantic kiss.
Its a true story of what I ventured…


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